xfmedia: wakeups per second in idle, play time

Grant McWilliams grantmasterflash at gmail.com
Thu May 31 21:30:17 CEST 2007

> Not really.  You haven't 'proven' anything about extra battery life,
> aside from making a wild assertion.  For all we know, the savings could
> be minimal.  Take a laptop, charge it up to 100%, start up X, open a
> terminal, and simultaneously unplug the laptop and start mpg123 playing
> an mp3 on repeat.  See how long it takes to completely discharge the
> battery. Then charge it back up and do the same with xfmedia (be sure
> to use the same mp3).  Compare.  If it's something like an extra 45
> minutes of battery life, then sure, that's something worthwhile to look
> at.  If it's 10-15 minutes... not so much.
> I doubt it would be possible to get a large GUI media player app to be
> as friendly power-wise as a CLI app, but if it's possible to cut its
> impact by a large amount, might as well try.  (Well, not me: I'm sure
> most of the wakeups are in xine-lib, and I don't have the time nor
> interest to look into it.)
>         -brian

Although this thread isn't why I'm on this list I've been following it and
have about 2 cents to add.

10-15 minutes is not huge? I think it's monstrous. Yes, maybe you won't be
doing the work but if we can
get another 10 minutes out our batteries just by optimizing one application
we've been very successful. Ten
minutes in one app, 10 minutes in another... It all adds up and at 10
minutes a pop, very quickly. I have a 3 hr
battery and only get 2 hrs on Linux if I have the screen dim and I'm not
doing much. Windows gets 50% more
life out of the battery than Linux does and I have a feeling it's because we
don't think 10-15 minutes is worth our
time. If 4 apps were optimized this much I'd get another hour. Yes, that's
huge and I would even go as far as saying
it would influence my purchasing decisions for hardware/software. It's
important, I think we should keep looking at this
stuff with a fine tooth comb.

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