notification-daemon-xfce update and q's

Landry Breuil landry.breuil at
Fri May 25 20:51:42 CEST 2007


I'm currently in the process of finishing the update to Xfce 4.4.1 in
OpenBSD (i'm now the "official" maintainer, yay !), and i'm /we're porting
new xfce-related apps (more are coming, squeeze, new panel-plugins,
thunar-plugins, etc..). I've just created a quick port of
notification-daemon-xfce (, it
works nice, integrates into mcs-manager, etc.

To be completely honest, the basic plan was to use it for another port i
made, claws-mail notification plugin (, which needed a
notification daemon to show new incoming mails. It works great, Claws-mail
is the perfect mailer for my Xfce desktop ! I didn't want to start with
galago's notification-daemon, because it depended on gconf et al.

So, here are the q's :
- nick, do you plan to finish the update to the latest one from upstream's
project ? 0.3.7 was released some time ago.
- are there some plans to make other Xfce apps use it ?
- 0.3.6 it needs a little patch to compile with recent d-bus
(dbus-binding-tool now WANTS --prefix param, i've seen this was fixed in
xfce's svn)
--- src/daemon/ Fri May 25 19:56:48 2007
+++ src/daemon/      Fri May 25 19:57:14 2007
@@ -581,7 +581,7 @@ uninstall-am: uninstall-info-am uninstall-libexecPROGR

 notificationdaemon-dbus-glue.h: notificationdaemon.xml
-       dbus-binding-tool --mode=glib-server                            \
+       dbus-binding-tool --mode=glib-server --prefix="" \
                $(srcdir)/notificationdaemon.xml >
 # Tell versions [3.59,3.63) of GNU make to not export all variables.
 # Otherwise a system limit (for SysV at least) may be exceeded.

- there is a typo in src/daemon/, $(LIBXFCE$UTIL_CFLAGS)
shouldn't be replaced by $(LIBXFCE4UTIL_CFLAGS) ?
- why is libnotify optional in configure ? i've seen repercussions on
src/settings/main.c, that means we can't configure popup placement if
libnotify's not here ? I though it was mandatory, as notify-send is provided
by libnotify.
- themes/bubble is not built/installed ? is it intentional ? (maybe because
there's not a theme selection mechanism, just guessing..)

I think this app deserves more attention, so i hope it'll be maintained, and
used :)

Thanks for any comments,

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