Documentation talks about wrong version in some modules

Simon Huggins huggie at
Wed May 23 11:49:58 CEST 2007

I just looked over the documentation after a Debian bug report.

It seems that some of the xfce4 modules talk about older versions of the
software.  I'm not sure if that is because the documentation is out of
date or if it's just that the versions are.

The ones I found that were ok were;
panel 4.4.0
desktop 4.4.1
utils 4.4

The ones I found that were old were:
xfwm4 4.2.0
session 4.3
xfprint 4.2
mcs-manager 4.1.x!
mcs-plugins 4.1.x!
appfinder 4.2

Also I have a bug on the
fact that index.html links to xffm; I thought xffm had been deprecated
for thunar now?

It'd be nice if someone could tie up these loose ends.  I suspect mostly
they just want the version updating and someone familiar with the
changes for 4.4 to have a quick look over the docs to see that they are
still relevant.


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