xfce4 Hacking

Nick Schermer nickschermer at gmail.com
Mon May 21 14:31:19 CEST 2007

2007/5/21, Robert Lee <rlee0001 at sbcglobal.net>:
> I was wondering if there is a public how-to (or starter guide) for
> experienced developers interested in Xfce hacking. Also, is there any
> particular bug/feature/project/team/todo where additional help might be
> especially appreciated?

Help is always appreciated, in every Xfce component.

> Are Jasper and Nick the only active developers?

LOL, ooo my... where are my tissues... But seriously run xfce4-about
and you'll see a lot of other people are working on Xfce, Jasper and I
are the maintainers of xfce4-panel (and other stuff).

> I've read HACKING and TODO for a couple of projects (panel and goodies)
> in SVN and both of those resources were helpful, but I'm still not sure
> where to begin. Perhaps I should just start hitting Bugzilla-reported
> issues for now?

Yeah, fixing bugs in Bugzilla is always useful. You can help debugging
on crashes you can reproduce and, if possible, attach a patch to fix
the problem (or implement the feature).

If you create a patch, checkout the project from svn (trunk and or
4_4_branch), fix the code and create a patch with 'svn diff'.

If you need help with this, you can always ask on the ml or on the
#xfce channel on irc.


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