panel plugin naming conventions

Grant McWilliams grantmasterflash at
Wed May 16 19:32:30 CEST 2007

I'm configuring XFCE 4.4 machines via shell scripts and even though it's
really easy to spit out the config files for
panel plugins I want to clarify something first. The panel "plugins" all
have a number after them in the name like this


Just to make sure I'm not trampling on something where does the number come
from? I need to add diskperf plugins for 15 drives
on each machine so it's really easy to just loop through them and create a
config file I just want the naming to be correct.

  1. Where does the name come from and how do I create it?
  2. Does anyone see any problem with me creating these plugin configs this
way (via shell script)?

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