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> On Thu, 10 May 2007 21:25:04 -0400 Gerhard Mourani wrote:
> >Thanks, I understand now. So how to control users permission under
> >XFCE, I starts the XFCE session with the startxfce4 script command
> >line. I know that I can chmod /dev/cdrom, etc but prefer to keep the
> >default predefined UID/GID. I presume that dbus should take care of
> >this but look like since it's linked with ConsoleKit it no longer
> >automatically change the permission for the user session.
> I suggest you ask on a ConsoleKit list: this has nothing to do with
> Xfce.

FWIW, I am running Fedora devel/rawhide on my laptop with Xfce, and
fast user switching works just fine here. I can switch back and forth
no problem. 

You might want to look at the Fedora hal/ConsoleKit/etc if you are
having trouble getting it working. 

I agree it has not much to do with Xfce... 

> 	-brian

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