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Fri May 11 02:34:16 CEST 2007

Hello Erik,

Thanks for the information, I want to use ConsoleKit to control user 
permission once XFCE is loaded. User permission like being able to 
mount, umount cdrom, usb, ipod and have permission for regular users to 
read, write into the devices. ConsoleKit seem to be the latest 
technology from Freedesktop to do it with multiple login like remote 
login, user seat for example, etc. GDM is a Gnome API and if I want to 
stay with a pure XFCE + GTK2, I cannot install it as well as its 
numerous dependencies on Gnome libraries and other. There an alternative 
for XFCE called SLIM but this one is too simple and not enough evaluated 
to understand and talk with ConsoleKit. Therefore how to make this 
upcoming standards ConsoleKit run on XFCE to control users permission 
without GDM?


Erik Harrison wrote:
> On 5/10/07, Gerhard Mourani <gmourani at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to know if ConsoleKit work with XFCE and if yes, then what
>> I need to do, change, configure, etc... to make it work, thanks.
> I had to Google for ConsoleKit. Seems like your just referring to the
> underlying architecture that GDM can use to enable more smooth Fast
> User Switching. Considering that Xfce is display manager independent,
> and a quick overview of the documents online seems to show nothing the
> desktop might care about - beyond the Fast User Switching Applet in
> Gnome - then I don't see how Xfce couldn't be ConsoleKit "compatible".
> Or more to the point, how it would be possible for us not to be.
> Perhaps you can be more specific?
>> Gerhard,
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