MCS design proposal

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Mon Jul 9 19:41:11 CEST 2007

Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
> Am Sun, 8 Jul 2007 22:13:49 -0700
> schrieb "Brian J. Tarricone" <bjt23 at>:
>> On a side note, can we *please* not call the new system MCS?  Just
>> make up a new name.  It's confusing as-is.
> I'm not good at finding names for programs and libraries, but I agree
> with you. We could as well renaming "channels" to "domains" or
> "packages" (though this might be a little too Java) or something else.
> Suggestions, please!

Well, I think the new system effectively ditches the 'multi-channel' 
concept.  Having a tree-type structure to the preferences domain sorta 
keeps it around if you think of the toplevel nodes as being analogous to 
the old channels, but it seems kinda pointless to think about it that way.

We don't need anything fancy.  Xfsettings or XConf or whatever is fine. 
  There's no need to come up with special terminology to replace 
'channels', because the term is more or less unimportant now.  If you 
really want to, just use something like 'config nodes', since it really 
is a true tree of preferences.


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