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Am Sun, 08 Jul 2007 23:41:57 +0200
schrieb Bo Lorentsen <bl at>:

> Jannis Pohlmann wrote:
> > All you would have to do is monitor all three channels or just
> > "/root" (and in the latter case do the filtering on your own) by
> > connecting to the "property-changed" signal of the XfceMcsChannel
> > objects.
> Ok, so channel naming is tree like, how nice.

Of course it is.

> > Not yet, but except some kind of org.xfce.MCS#IsReadonly function I
> > don't see the need for additions to the API and the D-Bus interface.
> > Most of the kiosk mode would be implemented inside the MCS daemon
> > (e.g. based on a kiosk mode flag in the MCS daemon config and
> > readonly flags for all properties affected by the kiosk mode).
> And the kiosk mode will be invoked using the same tree, or only in
> one channel at a time ?
> What kind of interface would I use if I needed to create a list of
> all available channels and there values, from a GUI frontend
> (regedit/gconf) ?

We could add some kind of list query function to the XfceMcsManager or
XfceMcsClient API of course. That shouldn't be a problem.

> > As long as we have not made a decision about whether to implement
> > this design or not there's really no need for naming conventions.
> > We could use anything from a Java-packages-like scheme 
> Its not the naming method as much as the structure of the content 
> (system, panel or application), but I guess you are right, this need
> to wait.
> Hope to see the document you made evolve to a more mature
> documentation of the new MCS to make it more simple for future Xfce
> developers to start using this. Maybe it need to be put into a wiki ?

To "start using this"? People can't use it until it's implemented. It's
just a concept, man. I'll update the document with the (preliminary)
results of this discussion ASAP.

> We really need to be able to present an overview to new developers so 
> they know what Xfce (not only MCS) can do for them and how to get 
> started (nothing big, but explanations and pictures).

Regarding MCS: nobody is able to use it since there is no
implementation of the new concept. Why tell people how great this is if
they won't be able to make use of it?

  - Jannis
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