New clock plugin in xfce4-panel trunk

Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Sun Jul 8 12:15:45 CEST 2007

2007/7/8, Myles Green <rmg57 at>:
> Sorry but I have to voice my thoughts here - as an end user. Personally
> I much prefer the orage clock over the "original", I just find it to be
> more versatile for the way I use my computer. I actually use both at
> the same time - the "original" in analog mode followed by orage clock
> with 2 lines, time over day and date. So please, if you *have* to nuke
> a clock, nuke the "original". (yours DOES have an analog mode doesn't
> it?). Of course, if your new clock can do this kind of layout, ie 2
> clocks in one (ASclock style?), then nuke away, I keep an instance of
> orage in the system tray anyway.

I'm not going to add 2 clocks in one, you can easily add 2 clocks to
your panel and most user won't use it. And yes the new clock plugin
has an analog mode drawn by cairo, so it looks much better then the
old one.


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