Proposal for a new internal panel-plugin : a "fake" handle

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Sun Jul 8 10:39:38 CEST 2007

Jasper Huijsmans wrote:
> Nick Schermer wrote:
>> Well I have some issues with it (sorry for the late response):
>> 1) After changing the style, it seems to be impossible to get the
>> right-click menu (probably a destroyed widget without setting
>> xfce_panel_plugin_menu_show_configure again).
>> 2) What exactly does "expanding empty space" do? Because it pushes
>> other plugin off my panel and I can hardly believe this is on purpose.
>> 3) You can't expand with a line anymore (duno how trivial that is),
>> but maybe 4 styles and an expand option is better?
>> 4) Lots of code duplication.
>> I can fix all those issues myself, but I'd like to have some more info
>> on points 2 and 3 before I start hacking on it ^_^.
> I guess I screwed up a little ;-) I meant to polish it up, but I didn't 
> get to it yet. I will try and fix it this weekend. Please be patient 
> with me.

The situation should be a bit better now.

Landry suggested that an expanding separator really only makes sense for 
a space. That sounds reasonable to me. Of course it's trivial to make it 
a separate option, so if you feel it might be useful for someone, I can 
change it.

Expanding a plugin should never push other plugins off the panel, so 
that seems to be a bug in the XfceItembar widget. I'll have a look.


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