Fbdo - announcing a new tool

Steve Cooper steve at wijjo.com
Mon Jul 2 07:44:31 CEST 2007

> does it have an xfce settings panel? this might make it much more usable for
> xfce users...

There's almost no GUI to it, except for a zenity-based wallpaper
picker.  It was written originally for Fluxbox and its minimalist way
of doing things and it's early in development.  So I sacrificed the
pretty GUIs to get a good platform out there.

Being new to Xfce, can you or anyone point me to some hints about
building a settings panel? (thanks)

Most of the work went into the mechanism for binding Python code to a
functional interface.  So it may not be for everybody.  But if you
want to try a simple form of tiling or have randomized per-workspace
wallpaper it may be worth a try.  It's quite easy to set up, I think.


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