Squeeze and Xarchiver

Jean-Philippe Guillemin jp.guillemin at free.fr
Mon Jan 29 20:58:52 CET 2007


Don't get me wrong, I'm just wondering why two developers from the same 
meta-project (let's call XFCE like this) are working on independent 
implementations of an archive manager ?

It seems strange, do you really disagree about the whole design ?

As far as I know, Giuseppe's Xarchiver does the job, why not working 
together to improve Xarchiver instead of reinventing the wheel. Nothing 
bad about forking/reinventing in the general case : there are many Linux 
distributions with same goals, and challenging is usually a source of 
improvements - it just seems strange within the same meta-project.

Imho, Squeeze will probably be better than Xarchiver (design errors 
won't be reproduced, shared code will be improved, ...) , or it won't 
last , so why not merging efforts ?


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