4.4.0 release status - aftermath #3

Auke Kok sofar at foo-projects.org
Thu Jan 25 23:22:14 CET 2007

it's been a few days already, lets give some numbers :)

These numbers are not hard, I estimate them based on the fact that we have 4 
servers in rotation and 1 of them was our of rotation for a while, so there's 
probably a margin of error in them.

We served about 2.5+ million page hits on the 22nd of januari. the main rotation 
pool served maybe 100gb of uploads. It's unclear how much was served from the 
file mirrors only, and likely to be more.

on the 23rd, we served about 1.6 million page hits. On the 24th we still served 
about 0.8 million page hits. The amount of data served still stays at about 
100gb of uploads per day.

Slowly the crowd flows away but now people start downloading and installing. The 
upcoming week will definately still be really busy (average hits per day is 
maybe 50-80k only).

the about/tour page was really popular. I expect that we have gotten about 
75.000 visitors at least to this page. That alone accounts for 60% of the page 
hits. the screenshots page pulled 50.000 visitors. I guess people are very 
interested in looks. duh ;). About 5000 people got the installer on the first 3 

All in all great numbers, and I'm glad that we got everyone the webpage they 
were looking for. Thanks to all the mirror maintainers for their support!!!



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