Squeeze, XArchiver, what to ship in 4.4.0 ? WAS: [Xfce4-commits] r24531 - xarchiver/trunk/src

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de
Sat Jan 20 16:08:38 CET 2007

Stephan Arts wrote:
>>> Perhaps some other devs can try them both out and decide which to ship?
>> No, Xarchiver was part of the RCs, while Squeeze had no release at all.
>> Either we ship Xarchiver or we ship no archive manager at all.
> Ok, i will wait with the release of Squeeze 0.1.0 until after Xfce
> 4.4.0, to make sure there is no confusion. I need to implement some
> major changes to libsqueeze anyway.

You can of course release squeeze at the same time. That won't confuse
people. But it'll not be part of the core.

> Stephan


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