4.4.0 release status so far

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Sat Jan 20 11:04:21 CET 2007

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Olivier Fourdan wrote:

> Just to make it clear, the program/version we'll use for 4.4.0 as
> archiver will remain so for the life time of the 4.4.x branch, which
> means that it will have to be supported as long as Xfce 4.4 is supported.

To tell the truth, I believe we should include neither Xarchiver nor
Squeeze in Xfce 4.4.

- From what I understand, Xarchiver in current SVN trunk is not ready for
a final release and will have a lot of changes in the future. I had no
news from Giuseppe about the release (that has been announced on this
list for a while), so I have no idea about its state.

Squeeze is very young and has not been part of any of the release candidate.

As I said, once we release 4.4.0, only bug fixes should go in the stable
branch. Neither Xarchiver nor Squeeze seem to be ready enough for the
4.4 stable release cycle.

So, I propose that Xfce 4.4 ship with none, and include the best tool
for the job in the goodies when it's ready. While I'm pretty strict
about the release policy on the core components, I have no problem
adding new tools to the goodies...

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