Define keyboard keys as mouse clicks

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Sat Jan 20 01:35:14 CET 2007

>Olivier Fourdan wrote:

>Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>> Er, works for what?  I thought you couldn't use
>> modifiers as shortcut keys without having to also
>> press a non-modifier key.  That definitely
>> doesn't work for me: when I try to just press
>> the 'windows' key only to
> Err right, I'm so used that ppl complain that
> they can't use the Windows key as modifier that
> I misread the original post.

Thanks for all your responses.

I summarize the discussion:

I can define the following with xmodmap:
   keycode 117 = Pointer_Button3
which *only* works when I also enable the
mouse-keys. This is kind of annoying, since
I don't need the numberic-pad to emulate
the mouse; just want key 117 to do a
right-mouse-click (similar to MS-Windows).

However, when I enable the mouse-keys, then
the numeric-pad becomes useless, no matter what
I do with the Num-Lock key. Is this a bug?
I suppose the Num-Lock toggle should still
work after enabling the mouse-keys. Right?

I wonder whether this is a missing feature
in XFCE, or if this is impossible altogether
due to intrinsics of X11....


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