Missing Funktion in thunar-volman to unmount a CDROM

Andreas Korzinowski andreas.korzinowski at polizei.niedersachsen.de
Thu Jan 18 14:39:05 CET 2007

Hi all,

I am once again :-)

There is a missing feature by handling a CDROM with Thunar and 

If put in a CDROM  in the drive, a Icon apears in Thunar. With one click 
on the icon, i
can mount it and have access to it. Very nice, very fast, super !

But when i want to unmount it with a right-click on the icon, there is 
only a item to
eject the cdrom.
There is no way to unmount it without eject.

Is it possible to add this functionality to the right-click-menu ?

Best Regards


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