Problems with Terminal from SVN-Snapshot 24261

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Thu Jan 4 17:42:46 CET 2007


On 1/4/07, Andreas Korzinowski <andreas.korzinowski at> wrote:
> Hi there,
> im new here, but i am looking the mailing-archiv since 2 month.
> After installing the Terminal svn-snapshot 24261 i have a strange
> behavior.
> When launching Terminal it appears without windowborders and
> topline. I can´ t change the size or the position of the window.
> After reinstalling snapshot 24050 all works fine.
> Anyone with the same problem ?

Yes, Terminal uses a 32bit ARGB depth even if no compositor is running. You either have not the compositor compiled in the window manager (xfwm4) or disabled.
> I will make now a bugzilla - entry.

That should not be needed, I've committed a fix for xfwm4 yesterday, you need to update xfwm4 to the latest svn.

You may need to log a bug to xfwm4 if the problem still occurs with xfwm4 revision 24257 or later, though.


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