strange behaviour of recent xfdesktop

Juraj Lutter otis at
Thu Feb 22 23:03:57 CET 2007

Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Feb 2007 12:01:27 +0100 Juraj Lutter wrote:
>> recently I've update xfdesktop from SVN and observed quite a strange
>> behaviour. In Makefiles, localedir and datadir gets expanded to
>> NONE/... instead of (in my case) /usr/local/... It seems like the
>> prefix isn't correctly determined during configure phase.
> Some new stuff I'm working on expands $datadir in configure, but that
> should have nothing to do with $prefix.  But I'm seeing the same
> problem here when --prefix isn't specified.  Anyway, I changed how I
> was doing that, and it seems to be OK now.

Hehe, I need to get familiar with svn ignore or something to avoid
fetching external when doing svn update in trunk working copy :-)

> Just as a general warning: expect xfdesktop trunk to be pretty unstable
> in the coming months.  You may want to stick with the 4.4 branch.
> 	-brian

Thanks for notifying us!


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