Jannis Pohlmann jannis at
Sun Feb 11 19:14:34 CET 2007

Hi everybody,

lately, I tried out some Jabber servers and finally managed to install
one on my server. It's been running for one or two days now and I
thought it would be nice to share it with all of you. I've been using
ICQ for ages, but (due to obvious reasons) never really liked it, so I
created my first Jabber account last year. Unfortunately, it
still doesn't seem to be very popular, so take this announcement as
another try to spread this open IM technology.

Auke was so kind to redirect to my server so we
would have our own public Jabber service. You'll find more information
about it on Here are the most
important facts:

  1. it's free - and everyone can easily create an account
  2. there's a main chat room (called "bar")
  3. there's also an IRC transport so you can enter IRC channels from
     within your Jabber client
  4. the server is protected using STARTTLS/SSL, you can also use your
     Open-PGP/GnuPG keys for encrypting your conversations

I'm looking forward to using it myself and I hope some people agree
with me in this. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


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