Mail Watcher stops checking email every now and then

Rob spamrefuse at
Sun Feb 11 09:36:22 CET 2007


I'm running Fedora Core 6 with XFCE 4.4.0 and mailwatch-plugin 1.0.1.

The problem with Mail Watcher has happened to me several times
already and I think it is a bug in this plugin. This problem happens about
once every two weeks or so. I'll try to describe what happens as careful
as possible:

I use only one single panel and one of the items is the Mail Watcher.
I "pop3" my mail from another machine via an SSH-tunnel, hence
I have chosen following settings in the mailwatch configuration
(I have only this single entry in the 'Mailboxes' list):

  Remote POP3 Mailbox
  Mailbox Name: MyEmail
  Mail server: localhost
  Username: my-username
  Password: my-password
  Advanced - Use unsecured connection
  Advanced - Use non-standard POP3 port 22110
  Check for new message every 1 minute(s)

I have an SSH-tunnel from my local box to a remote pop3 server,
which tunnels port 22110 on my localhost to port 22 on that server.
The above configuration works great. However, sometimes it
just stops reporting new email, without any complaints in the
"View Log" dialog.
When the Mail-watcher wrongly is not reporting any new emails,
I can verify that the SSH-tunnel and pop3 server are still working
by doing the pop3 session manually from a terminal window:

  $ telnet localhost 22110
  Connected to localhost.localdomain (
  Escape character is '^]'.
  +OK Qpopper (version 4.0.9) at starting.
  user my-username
  +OK Password required for my-username.
  pass my-password
  +OK my-username has 1 visible message (0 hidden) in 5227 octets.
  +OK Pop server at signing off.
  Connection closed by foreign host.

Then it's not clear why the Mail-watcher has trouble to report new email
to me. When I "+Add" a second Mailbox with exactly the same settings,
then this new one detects the new emails again, while the first one
still remains 'dead'.
My remedy now is to add this second one, and remove the first one,
which works fine until the next lock up.

Is this problem known?
I wish I could somehow find out what the Mail-watcher is doing and
why that first mailbox keeps hanging in the 'no new email' state.


Missing features:
1) I think there should be a button [Check mail now] somewhere in
  the 'Edit Properties', or maybe better in the 'Edit Mailbox' dialog
  below the line that sets the time interval.
2) Add a 'Verbose' checkbox, that shows the full email-check
  sessions in the View Log window.


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