Goals for next Xfce releases

Fabian Nowak timystery at arcor.de
Sat Feb 3 11:51:09 CET 2007

Am Sonntag, den 28.01.2007, 13:09 +0100 schrieb Jasper Huijsmans:
> Hello friends,

Hi all,

> No this doesn't mean I want something from you ;-)

what a pity ;)

Settings manager

- Have accelerators everywhere: At my PC, due to HD failures, I might
start up without mousedrivers and at first go to the settings manager to
enable mouse emulation. Having very few accelerators is rather annoying
when you have a theme which doesn't properly highlight the currently
selected widget. So, I attached a patch for more accelerators.

> Core Desktop
> ============
> Session manager
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> We probably want to keep an eye on the efforts to rewrite

Same goes here, I created a patch for adding nice accelerators in the
shutdown menu. See below if interested.

> Apps/Utilities
> ==============
> No real ideas from me here. I'll just list the apps we have now:
> - Printing. I never use it, so I have no complaints ;-)
> - Mixer/Volume. Works for me at home, but at work I have a USB headset
>   and the mixer plugin always falls back to the soundcard, so I guess it
>   could still be improved. It also uses GOB, which IMO sucks, sorry
>   Danny.
> - Appfinder. Should use new frap menu (libxfce4menu?). It's still an
>   interesting alternative interface for finding and running applications,
>   I think.
> - Text editor. Mousepad is a cute little application, nothing to add
>   from me.
> - Terminal. I can't think of anything that is missing, but I'm sure some
>   people can...
> - Archiver. We have two, which seems a little redundant, but that is
>   fine with me.
> - CD Burning. I sometimes use this, and it has a nice interface. JF is
>   doing a good job with it.
> - Media Player. Works well enough for my needs.

- Image viewer. Just like with the mousepad/mouse_giant_editor
discussion, one might need a "view image only" viewer and one with
next/previous buttons, turn image, save image, slideshow mode.
I would like to implement the light one, naming it xfview or xfsee or
even xqview for "quick", but actually I'm pretty out of time and should
be working on my plugins as I have lots of ideas.

Best regards, Fabian

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