Goals for next Xfce releases: tasklist

robin me at robin.com.au
Sat Feb 3 09:38:08 CET 2007

Since you guys are so open to my new tasklist idea, I thought I should  
bring something up about: ALT+TABBING & DnD.

Drag n Drop functionality is a must I think. It is like tab-browsing in  
Firefox 2, you just gotta have it, to be more organized. And I would like  
to see an alternate alt+tab which behaves like ctrl+pgup and ctrl+pgdown  
in Firefox. Just to create more 'certainty' when changing app windows.  
What I mean is:

Think of a situation where a lot of apps are already opened on the same  
desktop and your hands are neither on your keyboard and your mouse ran  
away, who knows where your hands are and what it is doing.... anyway....

You've been using 'Firefox' for a long time, and you want to change to  
another already opened app, 'Mousepad'. Who knows how many alt+tabs you  
must press before you get to it because you do not remember what was the  
next most recent app that was used (this is what alt+tab is based on).  
Without touching the keyboard, by looking at the tasklist, you already  
know "if I COULD move 2 tasks to the right of my current app 'Firefox',  
I'll get to Mousepad" or "if I move 1 task to the left of my current app  
'Firefox', I'll get to Thunar". Xfce does not have the keyboard shortcut  
to do that.

INSTEAD, we press alt+tab which pops up another display in the middle of  
the screen which looks to me like another representation of the tasklist  
ordered differently each time depending on recently used apps. So we would  
have to pause for a couple milliseconds to read the order and see how many  
times we have to press alt+tab or alt+shift tab to get to what we want.

But it is not like using alt+tab is gonna waste heeeaps of time, people  
don't spend half their time switching windows. Or do they?
If DnD is implemented into tasklist, it can work quite well with something  
like ctrl+pgup/pgdwn .

OR how bout something like the 'ctrl' feature in Konqueror, or  
'hit-a-hint' extension for Firefox (google it up), but for tasklists. How  
snappy will that be? It can work without DnD.

So there's really many ways to improve the tasklist. Just something for  
you guys to think about.

Thanks for reading again,

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