libxfce4menu : no comment

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Mon Dec 31 09:51:55 CET 2007

Hey Jannis,

I was playing a bit with libxfce4menu and I noticed XfceMenuItem does
not support the 'Comment' field. Was it left out on purpose?

I'm writing a new appfinder using libxfce4menu and I'd like to show
the comment field. Also for regular menus I can imagine it could be
useful, as a tooltip for instance.

Btw, libxfce4menu is really nice! I wrote an appfinder from scratch in
a day, well, at least the basic GUI and the menu parsing. All I now
need is filtering, execution and drag 'n drop. I think I should be
able to finish it today or tomorrow.


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