Generate mashals during build in libxfcegui4

juha kautto.juha at
Fri Dec 14 13:03:35 CET 2007

Nick Schermer kirjoitti:
> Well I committed the fix, stuff shouldn't be there and it doesn't
> break anything.
> I think we should discuss libxfce4ui then. After the switch to wnck
> there is too much deprecated code in gui4 and it's leaves its
> footprint on most of the Xfce applications.
> In fact, we could simply create a directory structure in svn, I
> already have the basic code for libxfce4ui ready (without interfaces).
> We can then, part by part, discuss that we're going to move over or
> not.
> Probably the best way to go since we had this discussion a number of times...
> Nick
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Sounds good.
Your plan is to leave libxfce4util out of this or merge it also into
this new libxfce4ui?


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