thunar-volman 0.2.0

Benedikt Meurer benedikt.meurer at
Sun Dec 2 22:20:11 CET 2007

Samuli Suominen wrote:
>> I just released thunar-volman 0.2.0 which includes bugfixes and
>> several new translations. thunar-volman provides automatic management
>> of removable drives and media for Thunar, without adding another
>> daemon to your desktop sessions. It requires Thunar 0.5.1svn or
>> above, HAL 0.5.0 or above and D-BUS 0.32 or above.
> Thank you, as you may have noticed from my e-mails this has been
> expected. :-)

Indeed. Took some time, but... yeah. :-)

> - drac


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