Can Xfce depend on Gtk+ 2.10?

Nick Schermer nickschermer at
Thu Aug 23 13:06:25 CEST 2007

First: don't reply on this discussion with the default 'yeah go for
it!' message, but give arguments if you see advantages or even better:

So a couple of facts first: which components can benefit from this
switch and does it make our lives (as developers) easier.

* Contains a couple of {GTK,GLIB}_CHECK_VERSION preprocessing
directives, most of them for Gtk 2.9. So this will only cleanup some

* A couple of functions require glib 2.10 and one Gtk 2.10. The last
one (g_object_ref_sink) can of course be replaced.

* Only some small things, but I think atleast glib 2.10 is preferred here.

* Drop XfceTrayIcon (only used by xfce-mcs-plugins) and use
GtkStatusIcon, part of bug #3489.

* Patch for tab dnd which requires Gtk 2.10.

* IIRC Benny wants to depend on Gtk 2.10 in the near feature.

* Remove internal code for tray icon and use GtkStatusIcon.

* Replace the tray icon code, already mentioned in libxfcegui4.

* Already depends on Gtk 2.8 in trunk for cairo support. Nothing
serious for a Gtk 2.10 switch.

* Some  preprocessing directives for glib 2.10 and gtk 2.8.

The components that already are 2.10: Mousepad in my branch, Squeeze
and Ristretto (for GtkPrint, GtkRecent or tab dnd).

So the core components will do with Gtk 2.8 for now, but some of the
tools (text editor, (most likely) file manager, archiver, image viewer
and maybe the terminal) will use 2.10.
The question is: is it worth having a core that depends on 2.8 and
tools (which you can hardly live without) depend on 2.10? We can at
least drop some (unmaintained) code when the core depends on 2.10.

Then there is a distro question: I don't think we should worry about
this too much (that means don't reply with 'distro x already has 2.10
for ages'), but I think we can say most distros use 2.10 by the time
4.6 is out, at least for the mayor ones.

Well enough info for now, let's decide if we're going to depends on
Gtk 2.10 and GLib 2.12. You've got my vote ^_^.


Extra info: Gtk 2.8 requires glib 2.8.5.

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