Problem with xfce-mcs-manager and sound_settings plugin

Landry Breuil landry.breuil at
Tue Apr 24 20:08:22 CEST 2007


i'm currently updating Xfce to 4.4.1 in OpenBSD, and i struggle in an issue
with xfce-mcs-manager.

mcs-plugins/ installed by xfce4-mixer cannot be loaded into
manager :

(xfce-mcs-manager:552): xfce-mcs-manager-WARNING **: Module
/usr/local/lib/xfce4/mcs-plugins/ cannot be opened (Cannot
load specified object)

Other mcs-plugins are correctly loaded/shown (apart, but i assume it's normal as xscreensaver is not
available/installed), and all plugins are installed in the same directory :

I see in
g_module_open() fails, what can i change to get more debug information
? a dlopen() fails ? with a simple test program, is it possible to test
mcs-plugin 'integrity' ? nm on the .so file shows lots of syms, but no
g_module_* call, is it normal (others have g_module_check_init()) ?

nm /usr/local/lib/xfce4/mcs-plugins/ | grep g_module =>

using gtk+2-2.8.20 and glib2-2.10.3..
should i file a bug report ?

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