Orage and D-Bus

juha kautto.juha at kolumbus.fi
Sun Apr 22 14:56:35 CEST 2007

Landry Breuil kirjoitti:
> 2007/4/22, Colin Leroy <colin at colino.net <mailto:colin at colino.net>>:
>     On 22 April 2007 at 11h04, Landry Breuil wrote:
>     Hi,
>     > What will be the use of D-Bus here ?
>     > Can we safely disable it atm ?
>     It's used to control a running Orage, like popping it up when you
>     click
>     its panel applet.
> Okay, so it's needed, but even with replacing the include with 
> "orage-dbus-object.h" , it still fails to compile... i'll try to have 
> a look at the source. Juha ?
contents of orage-dbus.h is:
#ifndef __ORAGE_DBUS_H__
#define __ORAGE_DBUS_H__

void orage_dbus_start(void);
gboolean orage_dbus_import_file(gchar *file_name);
gboolean orage_dbus_foreign_add(gchar *file_name, gboolean read_only);
gboolean orage_dbus_foreign_remove(gchar *file_name);

#endif /* !__ORAGE_DBUS_H__ */

It is in svn, but seems to be missing from all the snapshots.
I will check that...but now you can simple create it manually.
>     > Is <> considered 'stable' or the suffix
>     -svn in archive says it
>     > all :) ?
I consider 4.5.9 stable enough to be used.
There are surely more bugs than in 4.4.1 but on the other hand
it has also much more features and I am prepared to fix bugs
fast when seen.
Currently there is only 1 known bug in the latest svn (
>     > There are nice new features inside, i love it ! (will it be possible
>     > to "import" ics files from google calendar on-the-fly ?)
>     It can import local ics files, so for google calendar you could
>     setup a
>     cron job that wgets the ics file, and point Orage to that ics file.
> Okay, i was supposing it ...  but as i see some 'ics-file monitoring 
> stuff' has been added to svn for claws/vcalendar :), what about adding 
> a 'http-based monitoring stuff' (mtime <=> 304 not modified) ? Just an 
> idea.. :)
Colin actually coded most of the Orage/claws monitoring stuff....
thanks again !!

Orage does not currently understand http (no import no  export) so
that should be added before I can add monitoring.
> Landry

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