Where to start? Implementing independent workspace switching with Xinerama

Don Christensen djc at cisco.com
Thu Apr 19 20:51:06 CEST 2007

Omari Stephens wrote:
>>> So another way to look at this, and perhaps an easier way (although
>>> I don't know X well enough to say if it's at all feasible), is that
>>> what is needed is a way to move windows from one display to another
>>> (ie, from :0.0 to :0.1).  A perfect solution would support windows
> ...
> This seems like it will be the more painful approach, given that it 
> would be the applications themselves, rather than the window manager, 
> which move the applications from one screen to another.
> --xsdg

The more I think about it, the more I like Brian's idea of some sort
of virtual workspaces layered on top of Xinerama and mapped to a
physical screen.  Applications would just see move, map/unmap, etc
events.  For those of use with two identical monitors, it would be
nice to have a single panel while being able to group apps on a
particular screen.  By the same token, I can see it being very
useful to have the ability to have per-virtual workspace panels,
as well.

If done right, I can see this being a significant usability
advantage for Xfce.  Heck, the level of multi-head support offered
by Xfce circa 4.2 is a big reason I dumped Gnome, which sucked at
multi-head at the time.  If Gnome where to offer the capability
we are discussing, I would be sorely tempted to switch.


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