WINDOW_TYPE_HINT_UTILITY windows are hard to find

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Sun Apr 8 18:43:44 CEST 2007

Chris Moore wrote:
> On 4/6/07, Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at> wrote:
>> Revision 25409 in SVN implements what you want (I built synfigstudio to
>> check).
> Thanks for that.
> I also made a commit:
> Revision 441 of synfigstudio in SVN ( )
> uses set_transient_for() as you suggested, to make the dialogs pop to
> the front when the toolbox window is clicked, and also to make them
> hide when the toolbox window is minimised.  This is a little better
> than what metacity was doing, since in metacity there didn't seem to
> be any way to hide the dialog windows.

That would work with xfwm4 either way. Transients for groups get hidden 
once all windows of the same group have been hidden. This way, if you 
have two parent windows, the utility windows will hide once both parent 
windows are hidden.

> I've been unable to find any way to set the transient_for property to
> be None or Root, as mentioned in the webpage you referred me to - I'm
> using gtkmm and its set_transient_for() method seems to only accept a
> single Gtk Window as its parameter.

gtk+ uses gdk which has:

void          gdk_window_set_transient_for (GdkWindow       *window,
					    GdkWindow       *parent);


GdkWindow *gdk_get_default_root_window (void);


GdkWindow *  gdk_screen_get_root_window       (GdkScreen   *screen);

So it doable in gtk+/gdk (I should have an example available somewhere 
if needed, but it would require some research :) ).


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