WINDOW_TYPE_HINT_UTILITY windows are hard to find

Chris Moore dooglus at
Thu Apr 5 23:03:50 CEST 2007

On 4/5/07, Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at> wrote:

> Yes, it's called "transient for group". It's the standard way of
> implementing this, that would work on several window managers (although
> not all window managers support it).

OK, I'll use that.  Thanks!

> >> run "xprop|grep TRANSIENT" and click on one of the utility windows

> > $ xprop|grep -i -e transient -e window_type
> BTW, why not posting the full
> result of the xprop command?

Because you asked me to pipe it through 'grep'!  What I posted is the
full output of the 'xprop | grep ...' command, if that's what you
mean.  The full output of xprop was quite long, and contained a bunch
of apparently meaningless numbers.  I can post it if you like.

> Or even better, open a bug/feature request in bugzilla?

I asked about this in #xubuntu and was told I should ask in #xfce4, so
I did, and was told I should ask on this mailing list, so I did.  I
wasn't sure whether this was a bug or not, and so didn't want to post
a bug report.  It seems that it isn't a bug after all.

Would you like me to post it as a feature request, requesting that
xfwm4 implents the same non-standard behaviour as metacity?  I can if
you like.


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