Xfce 4.4.1 ?

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 07:40:47 CEST 2007


> Jani Monoses wrote:
>> Any plans on this? In xubuntu the only thing post 4.4 are the libxfce4util fixes.
> In that case, I'm afraid you may miss many fixes from SVN then. Why not
> update to xfwm4 svn as suggested when you asked for it?

svn is never finished and may need uploads for yet one more fix:) For instance the libxfce4util
svn snapshot between two bugfixes in the branch caused more segfaults than before.
I was thinking if the fixes are stable enough (in that maintainers consider them stable) a new
release is adequate for non-ubuntu users as well.

But I understand a release takes much time, unfortunately the same holds for us :( Packaging svn
is somewhat more effort than doing it to a release, especially if it's not sure that only bugfixes
are contained in the branch.

IT would help xfce immensely IMHO if component owners could start releasing stable minor versions independent
of a stable xfce, than have Xfce 4.4.X be a sum of the latest stables. Thunar and the larger xfce family (xfmedia,
mousepad, xfburn) are already independent projects in that sense.

All core devs seem to have little time, and this is aggravated by the fact that the times they do have time do
not overlap. This was seen in the 4.3 cycle as well. Several times when a release seemed close, someone did not
have time to finish, so the others felt ok with starting new features, then the roles reversed.
The panel, wm, session and desktop are very independent of each other.

What do others think of such a Xorg style release process? Everyone can do it at his pace, and when the release
managers have time they just pick the latest stables and do not need to urge or block on others.

As for packaging for distros it would mean latest stable code gets tested more, instead of waiting until all is
declared stable.


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