Server move plans affecting service

Auke Kok sofar at
Thu Sep 21 20:33:00 CEST 2006

Dear all,

it has come to our attention that Remco Lubbers has decided to part with his 
personal business ( and pursue a different carreer. This has 
consequences for the sponsoring that he has gratefully offered to us in the 
last two years. We thank Remco for the resources he was able to offer us and 
are most grateful for having had such a good sponsor.

Effectively mid-october, we plan to move all services offered by espresso for 
all projects to a new server. We recently received confirmation that we are 
able to buy a new server at the cost of the University of Stockholm, Sweden and 
operate it at their premises. Thanks to and Stefan Wold we will have a 
safe and solid base for our projects for the next years.

We are currently awaiting the arrival of the hardware and preparing to move all 
services. The move will most likely affect some or all services at the time of 
the move, and we hope that we can minimize the impact for everyone.

More information will come as we get it ourselves.


Auke Kok

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