A quick idea

Erik Harrison erikharrison at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 05:56:02 CEST 2006

The Xfce settings manager is occasionally praised for its UI. It's
nice and simple, and much more manageable than a long list of possible
settings, or a complex tree sidepane and main panel.

Unfortunately it's not a complete tool - it only manages settings for
the "desktop". That means Xfce and any apps for which we've written a
wrapper plugin. The remaining Settings tools show up in the single
biggest submenu on my system.

I propose, for 4.5/4.6 eliminating the settings menu by default in the
desktop menu, and replacing xfce-settings-show with an app that, just
like the menu does, shows an aggregate of all the appropriate .desktop
files, organized by subcategory.

I think this would improve the usability of the desktop, while at the
same time simplifying how we add buttons to the tool - no need to
write wrapper plugins anymore, just ship with a .desktop file. It also
makes it MUCH easier for downstream to add buttons to the tool. I know
at least HP added a number of mcs wrapper plugins for it's Xfce based
thin client.


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