Double clicking on the desktop icon of a removable device

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Sun Oct 29 22:34:15 CET 2006

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Gregoire Gentil wrote:
> The volume is mounted but it's still not working. It did work in the
> past. I will try again with a build > 23550 and without my patches to be
> sure - though they have nothing to do with this part of the code. I keep
> you posted.
> Thanks for the quick answer,
> Grégoire
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> Gregoire Gentil wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> On the most recent xfdesktop build, double clicking on the desktop 
>>>> icon of a removable device doesn't do anything. Thunar is 
> not launched 
>>>> (note that I can browse from Thunar the removable device). It was 
>>>> working before. Is it my build (I re-build everything twice) or can 
>>>> anybody experience the same problem?
> Hmm, it works here for me, SVN rev 23550.  Is the volume 
> mounted before you double click?  If not, xfdesktop will try 
> to mount it, but if mounting fails, or if it can't figure out 
> the mount point, it won't open the volume -- though it should 
> display an error message if that's the case (though it's 
> possible that's not working for all cases).
> Can you try mounting the volume first, and then try to open 
> it.  If that does work, that probably means the automount 
> stuff isn't working properly.
> 	-b

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