xfwm4 compositor generates problems

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Mon Oct 9 19:04:50 CEST 2006

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Liviu Andronic wrote:
> I have searched bugzilla and didn't find anything on this.
> I am using Xfce RC1 with Xorg 7.1 (compositor
> enabled). When I enable the compopsitor in
> WM Tweaks, I have 2 miss-behaving applications: VLC and xv.
> VLC is utterly uncapable of displaying movies in full-screen mode (tried to
> enable a full-screen related option in WM Tweaks, but didn't help). It has
> also problems displaying movies at all. Xv, on the other hand, has a blanc
> screen. That is, the application starts quite fine but inside the window
> decorations there is nothing. Both programs respond to inputs, but they do
> not display anything. Xv is blanc. VLC is
> black. When moving/resizing both applications,
> they start to display normally.

The bug is not in xfce window/compositor manager. Alpha transparency is
achieved by adding 8 bits for transparency (ie 24+8 bits) and some
applications are not aware or misuse this format.

VLC is buggy in this regard. Xine has been fixed, but not VLC.

> The problem is solved when disabling the compositor in WM Tweaks. Hope
> this helps the devels..

The problem doesn't lie in xfce, sorry. That's why compositor is
optional and can be enabled/disabled. So, either disable it with VLC,
fix VLC, or use Xine ;)

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