Xarchiver 0.4.6 released

Liviu Andronic landronimirc at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 18:13:01 CET 2006


I still have problems with Xarchiver DnD. I've checked out Xarchiver 0.4.6.

First of all, what concerns emelFM2. Support for XDS protocol is on
its way, but something isn't really working, so it's on a kind of a
stall for the moment. However, emelFM2-0.3.1 supports adding files to
the archive through DnD. The opposite - Xarchiver to emelFM2 - is
still _not_ possible.

Now, what concerns Thunar (latest Thunar snapshot). DnDing a file or
selection of files from Xarchiver to Thunar works OK (with limited
testing, though). However, and this would be more of a feature
request, DnDing folders doesn't work. When trying to DnD a single
folder from Xarchiver to Tunar I expect that Xarchiver DnDs this given
folder with all the descendant structure. That is, the result would be
DnDing this folder with all its recursive contents (files or folders).
Another example would be DnDing the root folder of the archive - it
should have the same effect as extracting all the contents of the

Is this implementable?

On 11/27/06, Giuseppe Torelli <colossus73 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> just a small change for fixing the icon loading when installing
> Xarchiver and to make pngs filename a bit more freedesktop compliant.
> Giuseppe
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