[Goodies-dev] Show desktop showing only one virtual desktop

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at xfce.org
Thu Nov 23 20:57:22 CET 2006

Bruno Jesus XFCE wrote:
> Hello, goodies list!
> I have a question regarding show desktop plugin. I use 4 virtual
> desktops (workspaces), one with thunderbird, another with firefox,
> another with 4 xterms and another for gkrellm, xmms and other stuff.
> Sometimes I open to much "other stuff" and use the show desktop to
> iconify everything and open more stuff =)
> Unfortunatelly Show Desktop iconfies every window from every virtual
> desktop, is there anyway for it to iconify only the windows from the
> current virtual desktop?
> I've searched the list and the site but did not find the answer for
> this question. The site says it's only hides windows from the current
> workspace but that's not happening in the svn xfce version.
> http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/panel-plugins/xfce4-showdesktop-plugin
Well, I'm not 100% sure for Xfce 4.2, but for the upcoming 4.4 all the 
plugin does is send a request to the window manager. Olvier, did 
anything change recently or has it always been this way?

I don't really have an opinion on what would be the best behavior here. 
I do see that the button stays pushed in when you change virtual 
desktop, so that is at least consistent :)


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