exo url escaping

Mtc mtc at megapolis.pl
Wed Nov 15 19:26:07 CET 2006

>     Hello,
>     I found quite an annoying behavior in exo-open, namely all of the commas
>     in addresses are replaced with %2C, which makes some of the sites give a
>     pretty 404. I have upgraded xfce to the most recent svn version a few
>     days ago and that is when this problem began, so I guess that it is a
>     new feature. Is there any chance of getting back to the previous
>     version?
> This is http://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2454, also reported as 
> #2493
> It should be fixed in trunk, but still doesn't work for me.. (r23755 
> here, but maybe need a fresh reinstall)

As I understand it was a bug that commas weren't escaped before, while I 
mean exactly the opposite - 
http://sport.gazeta.pl/sport/7,65025,3737717.html works great while 
http://sport.gazeta.pl/sport/7%2C65025%2C3737717.html gives me a 404.
I didn't have any problems with opening such urls before, so that bug 
didn't really apply to me. I'm experiencing such difficulties in the 
xfce rss aggregator if it does matter.


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