Xarchiver 0.4.3svn needs testers

Jean-Philippe Guillemin jp.guillemin at free.fr
Tue Nov 14 13:26:19 CET 2006

Tested SVN23870, compiled on gtk2 2.10.6, sooner than expected :

The good :
- Extract DnD works very well ;)

The misunderstood :
- Is there a "add to archive" DnD ?  If so : it does nothing!

The bad :
- Calling it with "xarchiver -d new_archive %N" from a Thunar custom 
action is broken : no segfault, looks like an infinite loop, the popup 
window doesn't catch signals anymore.




Giuseppe Torelli wrote:
> Hi,
> I need testers for the current Xarchiver svn release. Since some users
> reported me strange behaviours with DnD and gtk 2.10 since the
> introduction of tabs I would like if possible to have Xarchiver tested
> with this gtk version.
> Thanks to all of you for your collaboration,
> Giuseppe Torelli

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