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Sat Nov 4 22:26:13 CET 2006

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Olivier Fourdan wrote:

> As planned, we should release RC2 this WE. So if every dev involved
> could prepare a short log of the changes since RC1...

Not too short, but here it is:

- ---------

 * put the window icon's right-click menu on the correct screen
   before showing it (bug 2351)
 * fix solaris compilation (bug 2258)
 * fix d-bus disconnect crash and memleak when reloading desktop
   or switching between window icons and file icons more than
   once (bug 2271)
 * don't crash when non-file:// URIs are dropped on the desktop
   (bug 2384)
 * fix crash on some systems (such as solaris) when the user's
   real name can't be determined (bug 2229)
 * move saved file icon locations from ~/.cache to ~/.config
   (bug 2402)
 * use d-bus bindings directly for all interaction with d-bus to
   avoid xfdesktop's UI freezing while waiting for responses.  d-bus
   is now required at compile time for file icons (bug 2344).
 * update trash icon properly when the trash is emptied/filled
   (bug 2788)
 * when using xinerama, don't allow icons to be placed off-screen
   if the screens are of different sizes,  or on the 'seam' between
   screens (bug 1538)
 * fix compilation when thunarx is not available (bug 2420)
 * fix warnings and crashes when F5 is held down and during other
   operations (bug 2426, 2272, 2123, 2280)
 * 'delete' action trashes files by default, falls back to a
   confirmed delete if d-bus isn't working.  shift+delete (for both
   keyboard and mouse) will force delete (bug 2185)
 * show warning about need to save the session when both disabling
   and enabling xfdesktop (before it only warned the user when
   disabling) (bug 1902)
 * fix some icon drawing glitches (bug 2017)
 * make use of Thunar's application chooser dialog (bug 1811)
 * make just about all dialogs have a proper 'parent' window, so
   focus should correctly return to the desktop after closing them
 * fix volume icons not getting mounted correctly on activation
   (bug 2206)
 * fix normal file icons not activation on double click or open
   (bug 2452)
 * fix crash on xrandr screen size change (bug 2457)
 * rework DnD code so during most drags we know if the source and
   dest are compatible for a given action (move, copy, or link).
 * change cursor to hourglass when making some d-bus calls (bug 2491)
 * don't allow linking root items (such as '/') to the desktop or
   folders on the desktop, as thunar-vfs crashes when you try to do
   this (bug 2160)
 * connect to ThunarVfsVolume::changed to more easily catch mount
   point changes of removable volumes (bug 2489)
 * most likely fix 100% CPU issue when ~/Desktop gets deleted while
   xfdesktop is running (bug 2160)
 * fix multiple DnD not working when the target was another desktop
   icon (bug 2437)
 * lots of code cleanup and simplification, fix a bunch of warnings

Whew.  That was crazy.  26 bugs closed in 2 months; that might be a
personal best ^_~.


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