Focus mode idea (to shoot at)

Harold Aling h.aling at
Thu Nov 2 16:11:21 CET 2006

Harold Aling wrote:
> Dear list,
> I'm constantly switching between "Click to focus" and "Focus follows 
> mouse". Click to focus gives me more control over what's happening but 
> Focus follows mouse is 'faster', but I can't get the auto raise delay 
> tweaked to the correct/ultimate setting (too slow: so I have to wait on 
> the raise delay. Too fast: the wrong window gets focus, hiding the one I 
> needed)...
> So I'd like to propose a new setting: "Raise on keypress"
> That way you don't get those annoying flickering windows and they don't 
> popup before you really need them... You also don't have to wait until 
> the focus delay kicks in. The key pressed must also be sent to the 
> window as input...
> Feature request or thrashbin?
Thrashbin I guess? (no replies yet)
> -H-
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