Double clicking on the desktop icon of a removable device

Gregoire Gentil gregoire at
Thu Nov 2 16:42:50 CET 2006


I still have the problem with the very latest build. The bug seems to be
a little bit more complex. It's not working only in this scenario:

-1. Launch Xfce

-2. Insert immediately a removable disk (the icon appears on the desktop
and the disk is mounted according to "mount" in a terminal)

-3. Double click on the new icon. I get the following error in console
(xfdesktop:5632): CRITICAL **: xfdesktop_file_icon_activated: assertion
'info' failed. According to the source code, xfdesktop returns at the
top of xfdesktop_file_icon_activated.

Note that if xfdesktop is started AFTER the insertion of the removable
device, then it's working perfectly well and the message mentioned above
doesn't appear.

It seems to be a problem of initialization of icon. Can you reproduce?


PS: Any idea on this one I posted a few days ago:
"Perhaps, it would make sense to default a move instead of a copy when a
drag and drop action is triggered by the user. Indeed, Thunar has a
default move action when drag and dropping. Moreover, if you drag and
drop a file to the trash, it doesn't make a lot of sense to see the plus
overlay icon."

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> Gregoire Gentil wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > 
> > On the most recent xfdesktop build, double clicking on the desktop 
> > icon of a removable device doesn't do anything. Thunar is 
> not launched 
> > (note that I can browse from Thunar the removable device). It was 
> > working before. Is it my build (I re-build everything twice) or can 
> > anybody experience the same problem?
> Hmm, it works here for me, SVN rev 23550.  Is the volume 
> mounted before you double click?  If not, xfdesktop will try 
> to mount it, but if mounting fails, or if it can't figure out 
> the mount point, it won't open the volume -- though it should 
> display an error message if that's the case (though it's 
> possible that's not working for all cases).
> Can you try mounting the volume first, and then try to open 
> it.  If that does work, that probably means the automount 
> stuff isn't working properly.
> 	-b
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