Xfce advanced settings plugin/module

Nikolas Arend Nikolas.Arend at gmx.net
Sun May 28 17:20:37 CEST 2006

> The term "groups" was rather meant abstractly. They would all be options 
> in that sense, but dealt with by different configuration UI's. When it 
> would be done like that, I think the UI for dealing with the "advanced" 
> options should be included in the core distribution, but nonetheless 
> clearly distinguishable from the settings manager for the "basic" options.
> But that was not what I proposed initially. I thought about a tool 
> dealing with the now hidden options that is not necessarily a part of 
> the core xfce but could be a separate project (like a goodie).
> But, if there _would_ be s.th. like what I called "groups" of settings 
> ("advanced" and "basic") that are actually treated equally from the way 
> they are implemented in the code, I think I would vote for two different 
> configuration tools that are both part of the core distribution (like 
> described above).
> Hm, hope I made myself clear ;-)

Ok, let's put it yet another way...

If there was a general coding guideline or standard for implementing 
user configurable options (i.e. any option), then what is left to decide is
- should this option be there at all?
- if so, is it "basic" or a "tweak"

Implementing it would please some users, putting it in the 
"advanced/tweak" section would please the developer who can keep the 
actual ("basic") configuration clean.

Setting sane defaults instead of creating an option is maybe the better 
way but might occasionally give rise to some requests like "Please make 
feature xyz configurable...".

Ok, before I start confusing myself, I'll just stop now... ;-)


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