failing with po/ and needs libtoolize --force

Rodrigo Coacci rcoacci at
Fri May 26 05:44:22 CEST 2006

Well first of all, which script are you using? AFAIK there were two versions
of scripts, one from me (kinda older, bash+svn based) and one more recently
(from someone else).
My script still works fine for me, basicly svn up && && make &&
make install
Maybe the script you are using has some prefix or other things hardcoded and
the hardcoded stuff is not suitable to your system. For exemple, my script
has --prefix and --sysconfdir hardcoded for all packages.

On 5/25/06, Carol Spears <carol at> wrote:
> hello,
> i have been trying to work with the script that was provided on this
> maillist recently and with current svn sources.  my approach of learning
> how to fix things that others messed up has been time consuming and also
> is not getting me the newest xfce4 possible which was the goal.
> for every one of the xfce4 sources that starts with "lib", i have needed
> to manually "libtoolize --force" before could finish.
> now, i am building in directories that do not start with "lib" and i am
> finding this error everywhere:
> Running intltoolize --automake --copy --force
> cp: cannot create regular file `po/': No such file or
> directory
> intltoolize: cannot copy '/usr/share/intltool/' to
> 'po/'
> is it me, my system or flaws in autotools or in  i am
> willing to edit things in any of those places or even elsewhere where
> the fault/problem might be.
> meanwhile, my beta install is still funcitioning nicely.  my only
> "complaint" and it is not really a complaint is that i miss some of
> those things from xfce4.2
> carol
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