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Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Sat May 13 09:12:22 CEST 2006

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Hey all,

So, I feel a little dumb.  I don't recall where the thread is, but some
people asked for "transparent text backgrounds" on the icon view.  I
(think I) totally misunderstood what people were asking for, and denied
the request.

I thought people wanted the background totally removed, and some kind of
shadow/3D effect added to the text (to make sure the text is still
visible if the background image is similar in color to the gtk theme's
text color).  That's what "transparent" means to me, anyway.

So, I'm guessing what people meant was that the background should be
semi-transparent, or translucent, or whatever.  The background is still
there, but you can sorta see the desktop wallpaper through it.  Which is
pretty cool, and easy to do without any performance impact (it's already
doing alpha-channel stuff for the rounded corners).

Anyway, it's done.  The default is to be around 60% opaque.  In theory,
you can change it with a gtk style property.  Just add something like:

style "xfdesktop-icon-view" {
    XfdesktopIconView::label-alpha = 100
widget_class "*" style "xfdesktop-icon-view"

to your ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file.  The allowable values are 0 (totally
transparent) to 255 (totally opaque).  At least, that should work, but
it doesn't.  If someone understands how style properties work better
than I do, please reply here and let me know the right way.

Enjoy, and sorry for misunderstanding the first time.


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