Alexander Rødseth alexanro at pvv.org
Fri May 12 19:31:06 CEST 2006


Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> Thank you for your time, but I don't think we want to add a python
> dependency (or, worse, a pygtk dependency) to Xfce.

Very well.

> The bash script works just fine.

It didn't work for me at all, which is why I rewrote xfbrowser4.

> If we really wanted to add a GUI (I don't think we do),

Then how do you wish xfbrowser4 to react if it can't find any usable

> we could use zenity or fall back to (ick) xmessage.

Not everybody has zenity or xmessage installed. (As a sidenote, the
first rewrite I did used Zenity or Xmessage, but I found pygtk to be the
better choice).

> The complexity here is not warranted.

As long xfbrowser4 should have some sort of gui, it has to depend on

- Alexander

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