4.4-beta1 installer failures on OpenBSD 3.9

Landry landry at fr.homeunix.org
Thu May 11 21:26:38 CEST 2006

Benedikt Meurer wrote:
> Landry wrote:
>> Hello all.
> Hey Landry,
> You should probably write separate emails/bugreports for separate
> issues, that makes it easier for people to answer the specific topics. :)
I'll do this for the next beta version of Xfce and its installer :)

>> The only thing that embarasses me is the .so vs .so.major.minor problem. 
>> I don't know if this "issue" comes from xfce, from libtool or from 
>> OpenBSD settings.
> A bit of everything. Mainly libtool shouldn't add major.minor, when
> -module option is specified. For some reason it does not work properly
> on OpenBSD.
Okay, thanks a lot for your complete and very comprehensive reply :)
I'll try the next version on the installer, and re-post a report.


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